Who We Are

Basel (1)The American Women’s Club (AWC) of Basel is a nonprofit social and philanthropic organization that was founded in 1947 and currently has about 160 members. It is a group of women of very diverse backgrounds, interests, and ages – but all with a connection to the USA. Membership is open to English-speaking women that would like to participate in AWC Basel activities. Our members support a variety of philanthropic causes, have fun, make life-long friends, and find the support they need while facing the challenges of living abroad.

AWC Basel offers a wide array of activities to its members. We organize monthly programs and activities, and a variety of special interest groups that meet weekly, monthly, or just occasionally. We have annual celebrations that bring the whole club together, such as the Fall Kickoff Luncheon, Thanksgiving Dinner, the Annual General Meeting, and the Fourth of July Celebration.  The Rhine Times, our club newsletter, is published ten times per year.

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