Philanthropy With AWC Basel

AWC Basel supports various local and international organizations through our fundraising efforts. One hundred percent of all money raised goes directly to our supported charities. Additionally, we work as hands-on volunteers at our local charity and organize charity and fundraising events. Please contact our Vice President at to volunteer or for any questions you may have about our supported charities. Currently, AWC Basel supports charities in three areas.


Each year at our Annual General Meeting, our members vote for a local, Swiss charity to support for the upcoming club year. The majority of our fundraising and volunteer efforts throughout the year are focused on this chosen organization. We host a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for our organization of choice.

Our local charity for the 2016-2017 club year is Tierschutz bieder Basel.  Tierschutz beider Basel is an animal welfare organization on that has been established to prevent animal suffering in the Basel area.

The primary mission of Tierschutz beider Basel is to protect all types of animals suffering from illness, neglect, or abuse. Animal husbandry and animal care from birth to death are the integral components of their protection.

The organization on is run by volunteers and full-time organization on members. Their work is non-profit and follows animal welfare legislation. Tierschutz beider Basel uses modern means of communication on in order to keep administrative costs as low as possible and to constantly improve their working processes.

The AWC has a great opportunity to lend support through various means to this important Basel organization on. Activities in which the AWC is welcome to participate include:

  • ·  Volunteer Dog Walking (Non-Members welcome; Training class required)
  • ·  Christmas Market Booth
  • ·  Advent Wreath Crea on & Dona on
  • ·  Half-Day Volunteering (Groups of 5)



2015-2016: SOS Mothers to Be

2013-2014: Sahara

2012-2013: Wohnwerk


We support our parent organization, FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas) and the FAWCO Foundation Target Program. The Target Program allows FAWCO clubs worldwide to work together and pool efforts and contribute together towards a UN Millennium goal.

In 2009-2013, the Target Program was focused on the global issue of Water Sustainability. In addition to raising awareness about the importance of clean water in all of the countries where FAWCO is represented, member clubs were asked to fundraise specifically for “Wells for Clean Water”, Cambodia.

AWC Basel contributed to the 2009-2013 Target Program through various fundraisers and spare change collection during our annual Thanksgiving Dinners.

The Ritschow school gym under construction

The Ritschow school gym under construction

FAWCO and the FAWCO Foundation are currently seeking to identify a project that addresses the Target Issue: Human Rights for Women, in particular one that protects the rights and improve the lives of women worldwide. FAWCO is seeking applications for projects that focus on women’s rights as human rights for the 2014-2016 Target Project.  For additional details and the application for the Target Program, please visit the FAWCO Target Program webpage. )


Future for Ritschow provides long term help to Belarus youth that still suffer the after effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe. This organization provides educational opportunities, recuperation holidays, medical and dental assistance, and family help to those in the affected region.

AWC Basel supports a Ritschow student yearly with financial assistance during her studies at the University of Minsk. Each September, we raffle baskets of goods from around the world at our Annual Kickoff Luncheon to raise money to support our Ritschow student. Our members also donate durable food, children’s clothing, personal hygiene items, and household goods each February for Future for Ritschow’s annual convoy to Ritschow, Belarus. AWC Basel has also hosted fundraising events that have assisted in renovating the Ritschow school gym. We are currently taking donations to assist in the renovation of the school kitchen, which will provide food free from radiation to the school’s children. Check back here often for upcoming fundraising events!