Holiday Party & Ornament Exchange

Join us for a Holiday Party and Ornament Gift Exchange on Sunday, December 7 from 15:00 to 19:00 at Jacqueline’s home.

This year we will make a game of our gift exchange.  Please bring a wrapped ornament with a cost under 20CHF. If you are able to provide a sweet or savory treat to share, it would be most appreciated. Drinks will be provided.

Please RSVP by December 2 to

FAWCO Focus on Women

JACKIE SPEIER (Pronounced Spear) – Congressional Representative, San Mateo, California
I’m honoring and celebrating Jackie this month not for her role in politics, but as a survivor. This November 18th marks the 36th anniversary of the tragedy in Jonestown, Guyana and the assassination attempt on Jackie’s life. She was part of an entourage accompanying then Congressman Leo Ryan (her boss and mentor) on a fact-finding mission to investigate rumors of torture, kidnapping, and other human rights offenses being committed by People’s Temple leader Jim Jones in a remote agricultural commune. Also in tow were several journalists and newsmen to record and report on the situation.  While attempting to leave after their visit (which revealed shocking conditions, members being held against their will, etc), the group, including members of the People’s Temple who had requested to be taken back to the US by Leo Ryan and his staff, were ruthlessly ambushed on the runway of the small airfield. Jackie, shot five times, managed to crawl to safety, where she lay for 22 hours in the jungle, with nothing but fear, mosquitoes, and a bottle of rum. Her beloved mentor, Leo Ryan, and four others were killed instantly. Ryan was shot 45 times, and is the only Congressman to be assassinated in the line of duty. Jackie not only survived the ordeal, but went on to run for, and eventually occupy, Leo Ryan’s Congressional seat. Today, she serves as a tireless and inspirational advocate for human rights, continuing to provide a voice of justice and equality for those she represents. Erin Ryan, one of Leo Ryan’s daughter’s, works as an aide in Jackie’s office in Washington, DC. For her amazing story, you can visit her website: To hear her speak about her Jonestown experience, you can visit her You Tube Video ‘This is Not the Life I Ordered.’ I highly recommend watching it!

While I admire Jackie, this article is in no way a political endorsement, but rather a testimony to the strength and courage of the human spirit.

LILY ALLEN – Singer and Songwriter
‘If You’re not a size six, then you’re not good lookin’, well you had better be rich or be real good at cookin’..’
With her brazenly unique style, Lily Allen has never settled for the image of the typical British Pop Princess. With her top ten hit ‘Hard out Here’ being hailed by some as an anthem for women’s equality, the majority of her songs challenge the more mainstream and traditional roles of society. Expressing her views through often controversial themes and explicit lyrics, she consistently explores the boundaries of the individual listener and the music industry as a whole. Unafraid of stepping out and stepping up, I admire her commitment and creativity. Ok, and her song ‘Not Fair’ makes me ‘Smile’.!
Is there a woman you admire? Someone who inspires, shocks, interests or amazes you? Send me a note at: I’d love to hear from you! The views expressed here are for education and are the opinions of the Basel FAWCO Representative.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Is your oven too small to cook that yummy turkey? Can you even find a turkey to cook? Leave the cooking (and stress) to the professionals and experience our uniquely American holiday with your AWC friends. We will serve “the works” – turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and of course, pumpkin pie! Come enjoy the evening with us in the beautiful Schloss Binningen, a local landmark. The chef uses recipes provided by us, and each year the food has been wonderful.

If you have a large party (up to 35 persons) we can give you your own dining room upstairs. Space limited to 90 persons downstairs. For more information on the Schloss:

Date: Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time: 5:30 pm arrivals, 6:00pm buffet line

Place: Schloss Binningen, Schlossgasse 5, Binningen; Tram 10 to Binningen

AWC Member Cost: CHF 60.00/adults and children 13 and over, CHF 30.00/ children ages 8-12, free/ 7 and under.

Non-Member Cost: CHF 70.00/adults and children 13 and over, CHF 40.00/ children ages 8-12, free/ 7 and under.

RSVP: by November 21 to;

Drinks not included. All beverages are to be paid for directly to the restaurant.

FAWCO Scholarships Available

AWC Basel is a member of FAWCO! As a FAWCO member club, you and your children are eligible for education awards. FAWCO awards education awards ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. Go to to learn more about applying for these scholarships. The deadline is January 2015!

Also, keep watching the AWC Website for our FAWCO Focus on Women series!